Make Everyday a Sundae!

Choose from our favourites below, or create your own with our gelato or sorbet flavours and toppings. 


Choc Banana gelato topped with hot choc fudge, honey roasted almonds and cream. It will make you want to dance. 

Berry Blast

This one’s a blast - berry berry nice gelato and sorbet topped with fresh wildberry sauce and cream. 

Caramel Fudge

A caramel concoction of gelato, gooey caramel fudge, honey roasted nuts and cream. Make a mess, we won’t judge you. 

Chock Block

A chocoholics dream! Any four chocolate flavours coated in choc fudge, honey roasted nuts and cream. A choc off the old block! 

Fruit Sorbet

Try squeezing this! Fresh fruit sorbets topped with raspberry sauce, pistachios and cream. Mum would be proud! 

Smartie Pants

Choc, Vanilla and Strawberry gelato topped with Smarties, choc fudge and cream. Who’s the Smartie now? 

Waffle Crunch

Gelato topped with crunchy waffle cones, caramel fudge and cream. It’s alright, we cone-done waffling this one down. 

Little Tacker

Three gelato or sorbet flavours decorated with Smarties and choc fudge. Sure to make the big kids jealous.