Lick Yourself Sick in Darwin

You may like to lick yourself sick but be warned it can be hazardous

Territorians and visitors to Darwin love to go wild on just about most things except when it comes to licking. As it turns out licking in the Top End, if you know what I mean, is a very serious matter.

You may like to lick fast. You may like to lick slow. But, whatever you do make sure you ‘lick responsibly’ when in Darwin.

We’re not exactly sure what ‘licking responsibly’ means. Maybe it’s a few shy licks to start with before you go totally wild. Maybe it’s just a little lick every now and again to avoid causing a nasty reaction to that salivating muscle know as your tongue, Or, maybe you just need to flex that wet muscle a few times before you chow down.

One thing is for sure, when you’re craving an ice cream on the Darwin Waterfront make sure you’re in a sensible state of mind and ‘lick responsibly’. You have been warned.


Lick Yourself Sick in Darwin
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