Want a cool job? Trampoline is always looking for talented, vibrant, outgoing people to join our team. Become a Tramp Champ today!

Check out the positions available below, and if this sounds like you, do not move away from your computer until you’ve applied!


Think you've got what it takes to manage your own Trampoline store? We're on the lookout for hard working, fun-loving and committed Managers to join our growing team! If you are a retail or hospitality professional proficient in tasks like rostering, store admin, open and close and have the ability to proactively grow sales PLUS you’d like to work with us (who wouldn't?!), then send us your resume now.


It's the frontline of Trampoline; what we're famous for and one of the best gigs in town. Our Ice Breakers can dance, juggle, sing and yodel all while packing perfect cups of gelato. As a minimum, being an Ice Breaker requires a clairvoyant ability to pick customer's favourite flavours, boundless energy to keep Trampoline sparkling and a bit of willpower (to stop yourself polishing off a cabinet full of the freshest, finest gelato in town...trust us, you'll need it). Up for the challenge? Send us your resume!