Churn Baby Churn!

Trampoline gelato is made fresh in store daily, using nothing but the best ingredients, including fresh milk and cream direct from local Aussie farmers. 

Check out our range of surprisingly different flavours, which we rotate in store daily to keep you guessing!



There’s so much banana, it's almost an exaggeration to call it gelato. Slight browing proves it's realness. 

Berry Pav

An old Aussie fav. The bright pink colour comes purely from all the fresh berries we use, topped with meringue and even more fresh raspberries.

Choc Therapy

Choc Therapy? We think you need some! The darkest, smoothest Belgium chocolate gelato made with chocolate ganache.

Creme Caramel

A pannacotta base smothered in a bittersweet caramel sauce. Très smooth, just like the famous French dessert. 

Classic Chocolate

Like an FJ Holden, our chocolate's a classic. We use rich premium couverture chocolate for the smoothest taste. 

Coffee Crunch

A serious coffee gelato made using a traditional Italian style espresso base. For an extra hit we top it with chocolate sauce.

Easter Egg

Fine chocolate and smooooth caramel swirled through vanilla gelato. Who said anything about a bunny? 

Hazelnut Roche

Hazelnut gelato made from real crushed hazelnuts that we import from Italy. Topped with a hazelnut chocolate (like Nutella!)


A beautiful coconut vanilla sponge gelato with choc-covered coconut and sweet strawberry jam. The Great Australian Bite. 

Open Caramel Sesame

Crunchy caramel sesame pieces, swirled through a burnt caramel gelato and topped with gooey caramel sauce. 

Peanut Nutter

Some serious peanut butter addicts work for us at Trampoline. For them (and you!) we created this crunchy nut gelato.


Pure crushed up pistachios from Sicily - chosen after an exhaustive search for the world’s best pistachio.

Pokey Pokey

We put the pokey in, we take the hokey out, we fold in butterscotch and honeycomb and we churn it all about. 


Made from fresh strawberries when they're in season, premium frozen strawberries when they're not. We leave the pips in as proof! 

Spotty Dog

We use pure couverture chocolate for a smooth and spotty gelato. Let the chocolate hit you as it melts on your tongue.


Tiramisu is Italian for 'Pick Me Up'. We layer coffee soaked savoiardi sponge fingers between smooth mascarpone gelato.

Violent Rumble

We start with a smooth vanilla base then add smashed honeycomb. Real molten chocolate completes the masterpiece.

White Chocolate Raspberry

The smoothest white chocolate gelato, we swirl through a tangy raspberry coulis made with real, fresh fruit, mixed with white choc buttons. 

Yoghurt with Passionfruit

Our scrumptious yoghurt topped with homemade passionfruit sauce, made (like everything else) from real fruit. Pips included! 

Dairy-Free Vegan Sorbets

After Dark Sorbet

The darkest chocolate in town – you’ll want to hide under the sheets together! Better still it's actually a sorbet so it’s fat free! 

Blood Orange Sorbet

Made from pure blood oranges which have spent their lives sunbaking on the banks of the Mediterranean.

Caramel Pear Sorbet

Made using Bartlett pears from the Goulburn Valley. The sweetness of the pears is contrasted by a bitter caramel sauce. 

Divine Passion Sorbet

A tangy sorbet using pure passionfruit pulp, pips and all. It’s got all the zing of a sizzling date.

Lemon Sorbet

Made from real lemon juice...what more can we say?! Well I suppose that it’s super smooth. 

Mango Sorbet

Made with 50% REAL mango, this is just like the real thing only much colder! It makes you want to be a cheerleader. 

Wildberry Sorbet

We're wild enough to formulate a berry sorbet with hundreds of real berries in each batch!